Patient wanted to close gap and have better looking teeth.

4 veneers were done. 2 years in function.

Before treatment, patient requested a healthier and younger looking teeth.

Sixteen veneers were done by Dr. Hernandez. 8 years in function.

Single Implants

Patient wanted more support for partial on posterior area. 2 implants were placed.

Precision abutments were placed to hold denture. However, patient does not remove denture causing inflammation of gums. 2 years in function.

2 implants were placed and restored by Dr. Hernandez.

Implants in function for 1 year.

Esthetics of implant crown look natural.

Single implant placed and restored by Dr. Hernandez. 5 years in function.

Implant was placed with immediate temporary crown. Bone quality was excellent and primary stability was obtained. Tissue and implant healed for 3 months.

Ready for impression. Tissue looks healthy.

Crown was delivered.

Patient was missing anterior tooth congenitally. Implant was advised. After bone graft was done and healed, implant was placed.

Delivery of screw retained crown

Implant Bridge

Four teeth were extracted due to bone disease. Bone graft was placed and healed for 4 months. Abutments were placed to support crowns. 4 unit bridge was cemented.

Implants and bridge restoration were placed by Dr. Hernandez. Restoration 4 years in function.